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Psychology Applications & Developments III

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ISBN-13: 978-989-99864-4-2
Publication date: 2017-12-01


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Psychology Applications & Developments III

Clara Pracana, Michael Wang

In this third volume, a committed set of authors explore the Psychology field, therefore contributing to reach the frontiers of knowledge. Success depends on the participation of those who wish to find creative solutions and believe in their potential to change the world, altogether, to increase public engagement and cooperation from communities. Part of our mission is to serve society with these initiatives and promote knowledge. Therefore it is necessary the reinforcement of research efforts in all fields and cooperation between the most assorted studies and backgrounds.

In particular, this book explores six major areas within general Psychology, divided into six sections: Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and Legal Psychology. Each section comprises chapters that have emerged from extended and peer reviewed selected papers originally published in the proceedings of the International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends (InPACT) conference series (http://www.inpact-psychologyconference.org/). This conference occurs annually with successful outcomes. Original papers have been selected and its authors were invited to extend them significantly to once again undergo an evaluation process, afterwards the authors of the accepted chapters were requested to make corrections and improve the final submitted chapters. This process has resulted in the final publication of 25 high quality chapters organized into 6 sections. The following sections’ small description and chapters’ abstracts provide information on this book contents.

Chapter 1 - Post-Traumatic Stress Responses among Refugees Following Xenophobic Attacks in Durban, South Africa (Pages 3-12)

Gail Womersley, Amir Shroufi, Nathalie Severy & Gilles Van Cutsem

Chapter 2 - The Relationship between Emotional and Personal Well-Being and Psychological Well-Being, Extroversion-Introversion, Burnout and Adaptation (Pages 13-29)

Galina Glotova & Larisa Karapetyan

Chapter 3 - Motivational Potential of the Personnel in the Period of Preparing an Industrial Enterprise to the Decommissioning (Pages 30-41)

Liubov Kotlyarova & Ekaterina Sysoeva

Chapter 4 - Factors Related to the Parental Burden of Childrearing in Japan (Pages 42-51)

Mizuka Ohtaka

Chapter 5 - Goal Attainment in Self-Care: The Mediating Role of Commitment in the Relationship between Motivation and Goal Progress (Pages 52-62)

Ladislav Lovaš & Marcela Bobková

Chapter 6 - On Health and Appearance-Oriented Eating Regulation Goals: A Look at Personal and Vicarious Goals (Pages 63-73)

Noémie Carbonneau, Marina Milyavskaya & Geneviève Lavigne

Chapter 7 - Predicting Socio-Political Attitudes: Insights from the 2015 Federal Election in Canada (Pages 74-84)

Derek J. Gaudet, Kathryn Flood & Lisa A. Best

Chapter 8 - Social/Emotional Development in Adolescents Previously Diagnosed with Selective Mutism: A Narrative Approach to Understanding (Pages 85-94)

Paschale McCarthy

Chapter 9 - Gender, Socioeconomic and Psychological Factors of Emigration Intentions among Slovak University Students (Pages 95-105)

Olga Orosova, Beata Gajdosova & Marta Kulanova

Chapter 10 - The Influence of Personality and Coping Styles on Forgiveness (Pages 109-120)

Samantha A. Fowler & Lilly E. Both

Chapter 11 - Negative Consequences of Helping and the Length of Work Experience (Pages 121-132)

Miroslava Köverová & Beáta Ráczová

Chapter 12 - ‘Safe-Touches’ Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Pilot Study on Children, Teachers and Parents (Pages 133-144)

Tinia Apergi, Eva-Manolia Syngelaki & Chrysanthi Nega

Chapter 13 - Construct and Incremental Validity of the Slovak Version of Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire – Adolescent´s Short Form (Pages 145-156)

Lada Kaliská & Eva Sollarová

Chapter 14 - Exploring Binge Eating Symptomatology in a General Population Sample (Pages 157-169)

Lynne M. Harris & Jennifer McKenzie

Chapter 15 - Personality, Gender and Ethnic Differences in Assessment of Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) (Pages 170-191)

Abraham A. Argun

Chapter 16 - Construct Validity of the TCT- DP in Different School Levels (Pages 182-194)

Sara Ibérico Nogueira, Maria Leonor Almeida & Tiago Souza Lima

Chapter 17 - School Transition Stress: Gender and Age Differences (Pages 195-203)

Cynthia Cassoni, Marta Regina Gonçalves Correia-Zanini, Edna Maria Marturano & Anne Marie Fontaine

Chapter 18 - Parenting Programmes: A Transplant Model in Practice (Pages 204-214)

Katy Smart

Chapter 19 - Parenting Stress and its Influencing Factors among Kosovar Mothers (Pages 215-221)

Zamira Hyseni Duraku

Chapter 20 - Implementation of Social-Emotional Learning Programs in Japanese Schools: School Teachers’ Perception of Anchor Points in Educational Practice (Pages 222-232)

Reizo Koizumi

Chapter 21 - Putting the Past in its Place - Assessing Students’ Perceptions of their Early Experiences and Self-Awareness as Explored in a Counselling Programme (Pages 233-243)

Suzie Savvidou & Petros Kefalas

Chapter 22 - Missing Targets in Multiple-Target Search (Pages 247-256)

Margit Höfler & Birgit Hübel

Chapter 23 - Using Personality Tests in Research: Are Longer Tests Necessarily Better? (Pages 257-268)

David Freeze, Tracy A. Freeze, Lisa A. Best & Kathryn E. Flood

Chapter 24 - A Therapist’s Struggle to Establish the Psychoanalytic Frame (Pages 271-277)

Sevilay Sitrava

Chapter 25 - The Role of Prevolitional Processes in Video Game Playing - A Test of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Extended Model of Goal-Directed Behavior Applied to Video Game Playing (Pages 281-292)

Bibiána Kováčová Holevová

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