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Psychology Applications & Developments II: Advances in Psychology and Psychological Trends Series

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ISBN-13: 978-989-99389-4-6
Publication date: 2016-02-25


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Psychology Applications & Developments II: Advances in Psychology and Psychological Trends Series

Clara Pracana

In this second volume, a committed set of authors explore the Psychology field, contributing to the frontiers of knowledge. Success depends on the participation of those who wish to find creative solutions and believe their potential to change the world, altogether, to increase public engagement and cooperation from communities. Part of our mission is to serve society with these initiatives and promote knowledge, therefore it requires the reinforcement of research efforts, education and science and cooperation between the most diverse studies and backgrounds.

Contents show us how to navigate in the most broadening issues in contemporary education and research, in the broad Psychology field. In particular, this book explores four major divisions within general Psychology, divided into four sections: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Experimental Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology. Each section comprises chapters that have emerged from extended and peer reviewed selected papers originally published in the proceedings of the International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends (InPACT) conference series http://www.inpactpsychologyconference.org/). This conference occurs annually with successful outcomes. Original papers have been selected and invited to be extended significantly, then reviewed, and authors of the accepted chapters requested to make corrections and improve final submitted chapters. This process has resulted in the final publication of 14 high quality chapters organized into 4 sections. The following sections’ and chapters’ objectives provide information on the book contents.

Chapter 1 - Posttraumatic Growth and Psychological Well-Being of Georgian Citizens: A Comparative Study of Internally Displaced Persons and other Citizens (Pages 3-14)

Lili Khechuashvili

Chapter 2 - Psychological Distress and Coping Strategies among Women who Undergo Cancer Genetic Testing (Pages 15-24)

Valentina Di Mattei, Martina Bernardi, Fabio Madeddu, & Lucio Sarno

Chapter 3 - Inception of an Instrument on Health Capability of Family Caregivers (Pages 25-35)

Barbara Bucki, Elisabeth Spitz, & Michèle Baumann

Chapter 4 - Mental Health in Japanese Parents Living Abroad: A Case Involving a Japanese School in Nairobi (Pages 36-44)

Eriko Suwa, Minoru Takahashi, & Hirofumi Tamai

Chapter 5 - Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation among Czech Adolescents (Pages 45-51)

Helena Klimusová, & Iva Burešová

Chapter 6 - The Role of Cognitive Bias Distortions in Pathological Gambling (Pages 55-63)

Franca Tani, Alessio Gori, & Lucia Ponti

Chapter 7 - Psychopathology: The Cognitive Orientation Approach (Pages 64-77)

Shulamith Kreitler

Chapter 8 - Meaning – Its Nature and Assessment: The General Approach and the Specific Case of Body Image (Pages 78-88)

Shulamith Kreitler

Chapter 9 - The Usefulness of Phantom Latent Variables in Predicting Changes in the Effects among Structural Relations - An Example of Modeling Food Attitude and Human Values (Pages 89-102)

Marco Vassallo

Chapter 10 - Constructive and Apparent Nonconformists at School (Pages 105-115)

Ryszarda Ewa Bernacka

Chapter 11 - Vocational Identity in the Context of Values and Career Motivation (Pages 116-129)

Katarína Baňasová, Tomáš Sollár, & Eva Sollárová

Chapter 12 - Life Satisfaction in Undergraduate Students: The Role of Dispositional and Situational Factors (Pages 133-144)

Lilly E. Both, & Lisa A. Best

Chapter 13 - Disparities in Career Attitudes among Postgraduate Students (Pages 145-154)

Senad Karavdic, Angela Odero, Chrysoula Karathanasi, & Michèle Baumann

Chapter 14 - Subjective Health Problems in the Context of Personality Characteristics and Health-Related Behavior in Czech Adolescents (Pages 155-162)

Iva Burešová, Helena Klimusová, Martin Jelínek, & Jaroslava Dosedlová

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