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Construction of Social Psychology: Advances in Psychology and Psychological Trends Series

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ISBN-13: 978-989-99389-3-9
Publication date: 2015-12-30


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Construction of Social Psychology: Advances in Psychology and Psychological Trends Series

Brij Mohan

In this volume, a dedicated set of authors explore the Social Psychology field, contributing to the frontiers of knowledge. Success depends on the participation of those who wish to find creative solutions and believe their potential to change the world, altogether, to increase public engagement and cooperation from communities. Therefore, serving society with these initiatives and promoting knowledge, as part of our mission, requires the reinforcement of research efforts, education and science and cooperation between the most diverse studies and backgrounds.

These series of books comprise authors and editors work to address generalized research, albeit focused in specific sections, in the Psychology area. Contents show us how to navigate in the most broadening issues in contemporary education and research, in the broad Psychology f ield.

In particular, this book explores seven major divisions within Social Psychology, divided into seven sections: The Archeology of Social Psychology; Contemporary Social Psychology; Social Psychology of Human and Social Development; Social Problems and Social Psychology; Alienation, Exclusion and Terror: Current Issues and Future Challenges; Psychology as Social Practice; Science, Ideology and Social Psychology. Each section comprises chapters that have been peer-reviewed, and authors of the accepted chapters were asked to make corrections and improve the final submitted chapters. This process has resulted in the final publication of 16 high qua lity chapters organized into 7 sections. The following sections’ and chapters’ objectives provide information on the book contents.

Chapter 1 - Converging Multiple Philosophical Paradigms for the Advance of Social Psychology - Epistemological bases for further developments (Pages 3-14)

Eduardo R. Infante

Chapter 2 - Social Psychology: Discipline, Interdiscipline or Transdiscipline? (Pages 15-24)

James Moir

Chapter 3 - The Application of Experimental Aesthetics in Social Psychology to Marketing Research in the Motorcycle Industry (Pages 25-32)

Azhari Md Hashim

Chapter 4 - Methods in the Construction of Social Psychology: From Experimentation to Postmodernism (Pages 33-48)

Bernard Cadet, Isabel Cuadrado-Gordillo and Inmaculada Fernández-Antelo

Chapter 5 - The Social Identity Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions: An Overview (Pages 49-58)

Eleni Makri

Chapter 6 - Pain, Patients’ Needs and Health-Related Quality of Life (Pages 59-68)

Maribel Pelaez Dóro, Aline Cristina Antonechen and Iris Miyake Okumura

Chapter 7 - Interpersonal Relations and Personality Traits in Adult Psychology Students: Interdependence Phenomena (Pages 69-79)

Galina Kozhukhar

Chapter 8 - Social Construction of Spirituality among Teachers and Healthcare Workers in Thailand (Pages 80-92)

Dusadee Yoelao and Kanu Priya Mohan

Chapter 9 - Theory of Social Partitions and Identity Dynamics (Pages 93-104)

Philippe Castel and Marie-Françoise Lacassagne

Chapter 10 - Attachment Styles and Parasocial Relationships: A Collectivist Society Perspective (Pages 105-124)

Juliet Dinkha, Charles Mitchell and Mourad Dakhli

Chapter 11 - Identifying Violence – Research on Residential Care Girls’ Recognition of Violence (Pages 125-134)

Helena Parkkila and Mervi Heikkinen

Chapter 12 - Being Homeless: An Empty Self in an Empty World (Pages 135-148)

Susan Eustace

Chapter 13 - The Consciousness of Unemployed Workers in Brazil Analysed by Social Psychology (Pages 149-158)

Inara Barbosa Leão, Juberto Antonio Massud de Souza and Ana Paula Bessa da Silva

Chapter 14 - Predicting and Changing Behaviour: The Social Psychology Perspective (Pages 159-172)

Shulamith Kreitler

Chapter 15 - The Social-Psychology of Religion - The Importance of Studying Religion Using Scientific Methodologies (Pages 173-185)

Joel R. Anderson

Chapter 16 - Attitudes Toward mHealth: A Look at General Attitudinal Indices Among Selected Filipino Undergraduates (Pages 186-204)

Roann Munoz Ramos, Paula Glenda Ferrer-Cheng and Francine Rose de Castro

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